The Reason Why

On the 6th of October, 2018, I was sitting in a cafe with my 9 year old daughter, having a girls day out, when a very strong feeling came over me. You see, I had been feeling so stressed out and wasn’t enjoying life anymore, that, not even sitting across from my beautiful daughter, gave me any joy. It was at that moment, looking at her as her innocent face lit up with being able to spend the day with me, that I knew that I had to change my thinking and consequently, my feelings. I knew that I was looking to bring more positivity and gratitude into my life but with full-time work and being a mummy to three, I had very little free time to practice meditation or mindfulness.Then, the #100daysofhappiness challenge popped into my head. I had completed this challenge before, all it involved was taking a picture every day of something that made me happy and posting it on Instagram. Boom! I took my daughters picture and started to write about why the post made me happy. At first, I hesitated, for I believed that people might think my posts would be odd or strange and also, I began to wonder if I would be able to write about the pictures every day. Well, I did write every day, and some days were more difficult than others and other days, I had an abundance of choice. But I did chose a moment every day in those 100 days that gave me joy and added to my bliss. Those posts truly changed the way that I think, how I feel about things and how I see blessings in every day, however mundane or usual the day is.Those posts also helped me to realise a long-forgotten and buried dream of mine which was to write. When I was a teenager, I thought that I would be a beauty journalist and write books on beauty. When I was a little older, I did start to write but overthought the whole story and words that I just gave up. My life has brought me through many different paths and avenues and they have all ended up to where my dream started to emerge many years ago.A few years ago, I began to think again about writing, I enrolled in a writing for children online course and I began to think about blogging, while not really knowing anything about it. Because of the #100daysofhappiness challenge and all the positive responses and encouragement from people, I took the leap and set up my blogging site. Now, I still don’t know anything about blogging but I am using this as my journal for my thoughts on life and how we can find happiness every day, if we just know how to look. Some people may think that I am foolish, they may laugh at me or think that I have notions BUT how can I keep telling my children to take chances, that they can be and do whatever they want when they grow up if I don’t show them how and lead by example?I hope that if anyone visits my site, that they will leave with a small bit of peace or gratitude or something more than they had before.Thanks, Yvonne